I'm a Phoenix,
Melbourne Arts Centre

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Draft 1, LX plan

Draft 1.PNG

This lighting plan was drafted with close consultation with the lighting designer due to the complexities of transferring the show that was designed for an end on traditional style of performance on to a stage with a curved front edge and audience sitting all the way round the edge of the stage. Comparatively to other venues we had visited the lighting rig had to be squeezed into a smaller rigging space which meant fixtures were closer to each other than ideal, however with some clever positioning of fixtures within the rigging areas we were confident that we would be able to achieve the looks of the show, without compromising too much upon the original design of the show.

Below is the plan showing the rig that was used for the performances

Final Draft, LX plan


The lighting plan above is the one used for the performances to an audience whilst we were at Melbourne Arts Centre. During the technical rehearsals I was supported by the crew from the venue who through their experiences of bringing shows into their theatre that were not designed for this space specifically, were able to give me ideas of how to achieve the looks I wanted without causing an excessive glare into the audience.


You can see from the plan above that the set was moved considerably upstage which created more space on the stage however exposing the downstage areas of the stage more meaning I was having to find alternative angles to light the performer with. Traditionally the show would contain booms sitting on the most downstage edge of the stage, however that was completely unfeasible due to the glare and light that would end into the audiences faces. This pair of booms was important however since they lit several key moments of the show, therefore simply removing them for this set of performances simply wasn't an option.


Working with the team, we played around with different angles and different fixtures to recreate the same light the booms created but through different variations. This created a lot of stress but also a requirement to keep cool, to be able to change the plan on the fly. But also having to accept that we weren't going to find a solution that was perfect, it was finding the solution that worked well enough for the show that the performer was lit in a way that resembled the original however may not have been exactly as the original was done